The FQD brand signed Flaminia Quattrocchi Design was founded in 2016 in the capital of art: Roma, Caput Mundi. Inspired by the charm of the eternal city, Flaminia put the new project down on paper, the product of a passion for precious stones and the fashion world.

FQD itself as a luxury brand specializing in creating jewels and jewelry collections of custom and unique fit, designed and created for the sake of every woman.

Exclusive jewelry for special occasions, designed to give light and elegance to all those who like to own magnificence: for simple women, eclectic, safe and conscious, full of resources and the pursuit of originality.

The FQD brand has a trendier and more cutting-edge style, reflecting the design rules and the unique technique of Made in Italy: every detail is imagined and built to meet a dream, a dream that knows how to tell the beauty of the uniqueness of each woman with the pure voice of precious metals and gemstones.



"Designing a jewel is the pleasure of matching the pieces of a mental mosaic, taking care in the details, functionality, lightness and aesthetics."