Flaminia Quattrocchi Jewelry Designer

Flaminia Quattrocchi was born on the first day of spring 1985 in Syracuse, the historic homeland of Magna Graecia, and the city famous for Sicilian art.

As a child she developed a passion for the world of jewelry, precious gems and art in all its forms; it grew to be a passion that enables her today to become an expert jewelry designer.

Through the years she pursued several different artistic fields through her studies: beginning in 2009 she earned a degree in Theatre Design at the Academy of Fine Arts His course of study through the years different artistic fields: starts earning in 2009 a degree in Theatre Design at the Accademia di Belle Arti S. Marco in Florence with the famous designer Piero Buzzichelli; in the same years she privately studied Jewelry Design.

From 2009 to 2012 she worked with the Fondazione INDA (National Institute of Ancient Drama Foundation) and the Teatro Greco in Syracuse alongside famous designers, directors and actors, and in the same years also worked for the prestigious Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

Her love for planning, design and innovation, combined with the passion for fashion and precious gems lead her to Milan’s La Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana where she learned the art of jewelry from an illustrious teacher who spent over a decade as a designer for Bulgari. In 2011 she finally completed her higher education with a Master’s Degree in Jewelry Design at the Politecnico di Milano, finally completing her training as Designer of precious jewelry.

It’s in this art form that Flaminia finds her true artistic calling and maximum inspiration; the encounter between the beauty of the forms of precious stones and the geometric lines of jewelry.

The first collection by Flaminia Quattrocchi arrived in 2011, and with it came success: the collection was called ChicMusik and it had the idea of emerging the elegance of the brand with the vintage jewelry style. It is an idea which Elle magazine has described as “with a heart of rock’n’roll” and appointed Flaminia Quattrocchi among the young Italian design talents on Elle TV. Subsequent collaborations with Elle, Glamour, Diego della Palma for the TV show "Come si Cambia", Donna Moderna, Radio 105, Fashion bloggers, VIP Moda, Eva3000 and its presence in famous fashion events have also contributed to the roaring success of the brand in the field of Italian arts.

Today Flaminia Quattrocchi designs and makes elegant high-value jewelry, taking inspiration from time to time from passion, art, travel, fashion, nature and beautiful things.

Her latest project is called FQD Flaminia Quattrocchi Design and through the creation of miniature works of art, designed and targeted to the taste and elegance of every woman, in turn crowning the dream of so many - the search for “the jewel”.




“Designing a jewel is the pleasure of matching the pieces of a mental mosaic, taking care in the details, functionality, lightness and aesthetics."

Flaminia Quattrocchi